Friday, February 3, 2017

Designer Day! Shops Week 2

It's Friday, Friday Friiiday...whoooooooo....

This is our second Designer Day!!! If you're new to our marketplace you may not know what that means or what it entails. So let me break it down for you!

There are incredibly talented people here! and WE have gotten together to take back our handmade world! There are those who sew, who crochet, knit, those who do amazing paintings on SHOES, those that make jewelry or wooden signs, or scented soaps, or make items entirely from recycled materials, etc. We have come together to offer our communities amazing quality items that are HAND MADE by us! We do not hire others to do the work for us, we do not outsource our work, we get down in the nitty gritty of our passions and work in order to give YOU a quality item that brings back memories of simpler times. Since we have so many wonderful designers in our marketplace and browsing thru all the shops can be cumbersome, we have decided to feature ONE shop and several of their amazing products, every Friday right here on our blog ! We hope this will make it easier for those visiting us to peruse all that we have to offer and give those who are on the fence, a slight nudge into buying HANDMADE!

Remember, when you purchase a TRUE handmade product, you are getting a piece of them, of their love and dedication, passion and joy! and you are helping to support that artist's family.

Buttons 'n Bolts

Buttons 'n Bolts was started by Cynthia Gigstead of Wisconsin - hence the few Packers items you will see in her shops! Cynthia sells on a few various platforms such as (obviously) Gypsy Spoonful, Etsy (where she goes by Sewing at Ten), and Facebook! 

Not only does Cynthia sell items such as skirts, Green Bay Packers inspired items, she also has an Upcycle line called SewWarm! Aaaawesome! There is nothing like breathing new life into an item that is running its course! 

(Upcycled Felted Wool Mittens w/Antique Lace Doily)

Being from Wisconsin, Cynthia knows about cold and how to keep WARM!

We highly suggest you check out her shops! She has something for everyone! Want something unique and different but made GREEN?! Shop her upcycle line; SewWarm. Need something fun and comfy but refuse to get on Etsy? Shop her line RIGHT HERE on Gypsy Spoonful!

Cynthia upcycles, she sews, she QUILTS! She has items that are READY TO SHIP! Need a Valentine gift or an item for your dining room table for the Month of Love? SHE HAS IT!

   Table Runners
She has items for Mom and Dad, Aunts and Uncles, Nieces and Nephews...Your dreaded Secret Santa Office Gift Exchange, or Housewarming Gift!

Have a friend that is a big Dog or Cat Lover? TABLE TOPPERS!

Whoever or Whatever the gift is needed, Cynthia has an item for YOU!

Remember, Shop small! Shop Handmade! Shop Gypsy Spoonful

Contact:  Cynthia Gigstead 

Shops: #Buttons 'n Bolts on Gypsy Spoonful
SewWarm - Upcycle Line
Sewing At Ten on Facebook

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