Thursday, September 8, 2016

Why Handmade?

We are building a fully functioning HANDMADE marketplace!! 
We've heard it has become increasingly difficult for people to support handmade artisans/makers/designers. We've also heard sites that used to be strictly handmade have changed their policies and are now allowing mass produced and manufactured goods to be sold alongside handmade items which makes us very sad  Why Buy Handmade?
  • Handmade is made with care
  • Handmade is made just for you
  • Handmade is made with love
  • Handmade supports a real person
  • Handmade does not pollute the environment
  • Handmade supports a small business
  • Handmade supports a local economy
  • Handmade is not made in a foreign country
  • Handmade is not made by forced prison labor
  • Handmade is not made in a sweat shop or by child labor
  • Handmade is often a stay at home parent's extra income
  • Handmade often pays for a child's piano lessons, sports activities, dance lessons or extra curricular activities
  • Handmade can often provide a military spouse's income when they relocate so often
  • Handmade gifts are thoughtful and unique
  • Handmade businesses provide jobs in a time when people are losing jobs in a rough economy
  • Handmade businesses boost the economy because they buy supplies and other products from other small businesses because they understand and value small business
  • Handmade items hold more value because they are made better
  • Handmade items can be better for the environment, you can purchase completely organic or reusable items to replace plastics or other disposable items.
  • Handmade items can be completely customized with embroidery, iron ons, and monograms making them perfect gifts or completely individualized just for you 
Do you support the "Handmade Movement?" Why? Are you a Handmade Maker? What are the benefits to you , your family, or your community? Do you buy handmade goods? Why? 
Please leave a comment on here and let us know, we'd love to hear from you! 

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