Friday, February 17, 2017

Designer Day! Shops Week 4

Yves Treasure Shoppe

Welcome to Yves Treasure Shoppe! YTS sells some amazing hair accessories, blankets and ready made baby shower gift baskets! YTS currently has approximately 27 listings on Gypsy Spoonful! That's 27 various products to choose a gift!

Almost all of the listings come with FREE U.S. Shipping!

Baby Shower

Rubber Ducky, Flannel Washcloths and Reusable Baskets!
Comes in 8 piece or 11 piece sets
There is also a blue basket option!

Hair Accessories

YTS has several gorgeous bows and flowers to choose from! EVEN a cute headband HAT! You can use for dress up, play or photo prop!

Contact Yves Treasure Shop to Order!



Monday, February 13, 2017

Made on Monday----Meandering through All Things Handmade & Fabulous! 02/13

Goodness, these girls are keeping me on my toes trying to keep up with all the great new listings every week!  So many new items to browse through that I almost forgot to get my Monday post up today. From Narwhals to Storm Troopers and everything in between, you won't be disappointed with the variety we have on Gypsy Spoonful!
Click on the highlighted business name of each of our unique makers to go directly to their listings.

Hot off the presses and back in full force is our talented Wonderfully Whimsical!  Ramona has some of the most unique bags, backpacks, and wristlets listed and her quality is top notch!  Here are just a few of what she has to offer....ummmm, Narwhals!!!  Need I say more?

Firefly Threads popped in this week with the coolest invention EVER!  Have you seen her popsicle pouches?  So many character choices from Shopkins to Superheroes to Storm Troopers.  Keep those little hands comfy while they enjoy their cold treat!  She also has a fun listing for Wizard of Oz dress up masks this week too.  How much fun would those be to add to your dress up closet?

Have you seen the insane amount of talent that Debra Engelbrecht's Paintings has?  I can't paint a plain wall so I am always amazed to see gorgeous paintings that actually look like flowers and trees.  Crazy awesome!  Any of her pieces would be a gorgeous addition to your home decor.

Charms Couture has a cute listing up this week for a fun skater skirt featuring whimsical owls.  This is ready to ship in a size 4T and soooooo cute!  

This week Crafty Pink Tigers has up the cutest pair of crocheted Mary Jane baby shoes.  These would be a fun baby shower gift or to dress up your little bundle of joy.  

Goosie Girl has done it again with her BIG boutique bows in fun Irish/St. Patrick's Day prints.  They are so fun & unique.  Choose your hardware for a one of a kind custom look just for you!

This chevron elephant makeup bag created by Designs by Danielle would be a perfect gift.  Whether for a teacher gift, graduation, Mother's Day, or just for yourself.  I love it!

WeLuvDizne has a super fun Lion Guard dress up this week as well.  This one features Fuli and is ready to ship in a size 6 but she is always open to custom orders if you would like a different size.  

Cindy from Buttons 'N Bolts is back with a super fun listing for the boys this week.  She is offering a reversible apron for the little guys.  Batman on one side--Star Wars on the other.  I got aprons from Cindy for my grandkids and they are awesome!

Simply the Glitter is back this week with some gorgeous new jewelry pieces.  Her repurposed pieces are to die for!  Check out that Fairy Castle one!

Bows & More by T has an Over the Top (OTT) St. Patrick's Day bow this week.  Your little girl will be "Pinch Proof" sporting this adorable bow.

Yves Treasure Shoppe has been busy this week listing new singed flower clips and beautiful flower barrettes too.  Here are a few she has up but go to her listings to see the variety.

And again, here I am at the end......That's So Addie has been on a Dr. Seuss sewing binge this week.  I have a few other items up but check out all my ready to ship Seuss items if you are on the hunt for a cute dress for upcoming Seuss celebrations or Read Across America days.

And that should keep you all busy for this week!  
Thank you for shopping handmade!

Friday, February 10, 2017

Designer Day! Shops Week 3

By now most of you know that EVERY Friday we feature ONE of our shops on our blog.This is awesome for our customers, scrolling thru hundreds of products can be time consuming and overwhelming, especially if you're not 100% sure on what it is you are looking for.


Firefly Threads is owned by Pamela Huffaker of Springville, Utah! Pamela's fun and unique creations are for every person of every age in every stage! and her shop name screams, "dreamy"! Pamela makes a variety of products, photo props, gifts, household items, etc. She will also take custom orders! So the SKY IS THE LIMIT!

Firefly Threads located in Utah, sells online via Gypsy Spoonful as well as Facebook and Etsy. The shop offers items such as Mermaid Blankets (which are ALL the rage!) to masks for kids for dress up or "just because"! - Seriously, have you EVER met a child that NEEDED a reason to play dress up? Me neither! 






For Boys OR Girls!


They're for EVERYONE!

       Dino, Mermaid
         and Shark

This is a SMALL sampling of what Firefly Threads has to offer! They're creations so adorable, comfy and meant for everyone! 


Firefly Threads
Owner: Pamela Huffaker

Where To Buy

 Messy Bun w/Matching Boot Cuffs

 Princess Mask

Captain America Mask

Monday, February 6, 2017

Made on Monday----Meandering through All Things Handmade & Fabulous! 02/06

Every week, as I scroll through the pages on Gypsy Spoonful, I am in awe of all the talent we have in one marketplace.  And there is always something new that catches my eye!  I love our girls!  We rock!

I am trying out a new technological skill for me. I hope it works!!!  Click on each business name (the one in color & underlined) to take you to their listings.

Brand new to the marketplace this week are these awesome recieving blankets by Just Bobbin Along. (<-----that highlighted name should take you to her listings, click it and see!)
 Garilyn has outdone herself with a variety of prints.  There are some gender neutral ones along with specific boy or girl prints too.  Receiving blankets were some of my favorite gifts from baby showers.  They are one of those staple items that you just can't have enough of! 

Another new item in the marketplace this week are these awesome woven headbands by Crafty Pink Tigers.  I am in love with that black with pink roses one.  It is such a striking combination.

Firefly Threads has a new listing featuring knitted ruffle scarves.  Pamela will work with you on color choice and her turnaround time is fast too.  Buy one or buy a bunch and accessorize away!

When Nancy of Weluvdizne lists a new dress, I am always excited to go see what she has came up with.  Her designs are so unique and full of details.  This Jessie from Toy Story Tsum Tsum dress didn't disappoint.  The pile of Toy Story tsum tsums featured on the front are so cute but the cascading ruffles down the back really take the cake.  Go check it out!  This one is ready to ship in a size 8-10 but she is always open to making customs too.

P.S. just as I was scheduling this blog, Weluvdizne put up another cute listing featuring Surf's Up Minnie Mouse so be sure you click on her listings to see them all.

Goosie Girl embraced her Irish roots this week and made the best St. Patrick's Day Fascinator in town!  I love all the extra details that Heather puts into her pieces and this one is amazing!  I love those shabby roses!  

Beth from Torrey Hill Inc. has been one busy girl this week.  Check out all her crocheted shawls/wraps that are newly listed.  These would be so awesome to incorporate with your boho look of the day.  Browse through all her new listings to see all the colors she has to offer.

Simply the Glitter has outdone herself this week.  Michele has created the coolest assemblage necklaces EVER!  I don't even know what an assemblage necklace means but look at them!!!!  To me, that is code for one big pile of awesomesauce!  

Jenn of Texas Loud & Proud has created a bright and eye-catching Autism Awareness Wreath.  Perfect to hang on your door in support of Autism Awareness. 

Very Creative Boutique has been a busy girl this week too.  Mariana has a big variety of bow styles and even a few bow/necklace combinations.  Take a moment to look through her listings and see what she has to offer this week.  She even has a Pokemon bow this week!

I just love Funky B Designs!  Brooke makes the biggest variety of clippies to choose from.   Every time I think I have found a favorite, she puts up another set that I love.  Her black glitter clippies up this week are so glam!  Brooke is one of our power listers.  You will be sure to find something you love by browsing through her listings.

And last but not least is little old me again!  That's So Addie has a few new dress listings up today including a Muppets dress, a Dr. Seuss dress, and a Disney Princess dress.  I am always open to ideas so if you are looking for something special, feel free to contact me & see what we can come up with!

And there you have it!  A great compilation of all things handmade from our Gypsy Spoonful makers.  As always, thank you for supporting handmade.  See you next week!  

Friday, February 3, 2017

Designer Day! Shops Week 2

It's Friday, Friday Friiiday...whoooooooo....

This is our second Designer Day!!! If you're new to our marketplace you may not know what that means or what it entails. So let me break it down for you!

There are incredibly talented people here! and WE have gotten together to take back our handmade world! There are those who sew, who crochet, knit, those who do amazing paintings on SHOES, those that make jewelry or wooden signs, or scented soaps, or make items entirely from recycled materials, etc. We have come together to offer our communities amazing quality items that are HAND MADE by us! We do not hire others to do the work for us, we do not outsource our work, we get down in the nitty gritty of our passions and work in order to give YOU a quality item that brings back memories of simpler times. Since we have so many wonderful designers in our marketplace and browsing thru all the shops can be cumbersome, we have decided to feature ONE shop and several of their amazing products, every Friday right here on our blog ! We hope this will make it easier for those visiting us to peruse all that we have to offer and give those who are on the fence, a slight nudge into buying HANDMADE!

Remember, when you purchase a TRUE handmade product, you are getting a piece of them, of their love and dedication, passion and joy! and you are helping to support that artist's family.

Buttons 'n Bolts

Buttons 'n Bolts was started by Cynthia Gigstead of Wisconsin - hence the few Packers items you will see in her shops! Cynthia sells on a few various platforms such as (obviously) Gypsy Spoonful, Etsy (where she goes by Sewing at Ten), and Facebook! 

Not only does Cynthia sell items such as skirts, Green Bay Packers inspired items, she also has an Upcycle line called SewWarm! Aaaawesome! There is nothing like breathing new life into an item that is running its course! 

(Upcycled Felted Wool Mittens w/Antique Lace Doily)

Being from Wisconsin, Cynthia knows about cold and how to keep WARM!

We highly suggest you check out her shops! She has something for everyone! Want something unique and different but made GREEN?! Shop her upcycle line; SewWarm. Need something fun and comfy but refuse to get on Etsy? Shop her line RIGHT HERE on Gypsy Spoonful!

Cynthia upcycles, she sews, she QUILTS! She has items that are READY TO SHIP! Need a Valentine gift or an item for your dining room table for the Month of Love? SHE HAS IT!

   Table Runners
She has items for Mom and Dad, Aunts and Uncles, Nieces and Nephews...Your dreaded Secret Santa Office Gift Exchange, or Housewarming Gift!

Have a friend that is a big Dog or Cat Lover? TABLE TOPPERS!

Whoever or Whatever the gift is needed, Cynthia has an item for YOU!

Remember, Shop small! Shop Handmade! Shop Gypsy Spoonful

Contact:  Cynthia Gigstead 

Shops: #Buttons 'n Bolts on Gypsy Spoonful
SewWarm - Upcycle Line
Sewing At Ten on Facebook